3 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. Yay! I just got the same program last month. Totale! I have listened to a little bit of the first disc…seems simple as I know some of it, but same as high school Spanish, it's the verb conjugation that is going to do my head in. Congrats and keep us updated on your progress!!Buona Fortuna!!

  2. So The Man and I were all excited last night getting ready to load the program on the laptop, when I put in the first CD and the computer died!! Gosh, I hope that's not an omen! We had to buy a new laptop. I completed Lesson 1 of 1 this afternoon. It took about 45 mins and I actually think I learned something. Let me know when you get started! It's not too bad

  3. Haven't checked in with you for a while, but I was wondering how your Rosetta Stone lessons are coming? Have you been practicing? I got mine up and running on the computer, but haven't made time to practice. Anyway…just wanted to see how you were doing!

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