What to do. What to do.

I’m floundering.  I can’t focus.  I can’t get my bearings.  Today is my fifth official day of voluntary (read blissful) unemployment.  Yes, I’ll pause to allow the clapping to die off.  Quick background, I retired as a police sergeant in Atlanta when The Man was transferred to Tampa.  I was blissfully unemployed and then got bored.  I went back to work full-time in a law enforcement related job that was miserable.  Miserable as in pure hell.  After 18 months, I quit and am now blissfully unemployed, again and permanently!  During the course of that 18 months employment, I had a list of to-dos for my off time that revolved around All Things Italy / All things Retirement.  I was working on dual citizenship for the The Man, learning Italian, learning photography, learning blogging, and simultaneously searching for my “life passion;” that special something that I am MEANT to be doing, my calling, that thing I want to spend my days lost in the doing of.  My off time wasn’t providing enough time for All Things Italy / All Things Retirement!  Now that I have all the time I wanted to really dig into my to-dos, I don’t know what TO DO with myself.  I’m lost.

Last night, I shared my wee bit of distress with my best bud of 29 years, The Man.  The Man said I needed to make myself write something.  No excuses.  No distractions.  Just write.  I read somewhere of a writer who schedules two hours a day to sit in front of her computer.  She can choose to stare at the blank screen or she can put some words on the faux paper, but she makes herself sit there for two hours.   (Gosh, I wish I could remember who this writer is, because I love giving credit to those who fill my head with their brilliance!)  Apparently, I had shared this little tidbit of information with The Man.  And here he was throwing it right back at me like a life guard tossing a life-preserver.  In the future, I’d do well to shut my mouth next time I’d like to accuse him of not listening to me.  God bless him!!

And I think it’s working.  As I clack away on the keyboard, I’m starting to remember who I am and who I want to be!!

In case I need reminding in the future, I want to be a writer and photographer who writes wonderful stories of our adventures on this journey to our dream and provides captivating pictures of those adventures.  For those people that we hold near and dear to our hearts, I want them to be able to read what I write, see the pictures I take, and feel like they are right there with us.  That is the very number one reason I started this blog.  I want our fabulous sons and daughters-in-law to be able to pop on over to the blog when they want to see what mom and dad are up to on any given day.  And if along the way we pick up other folks who are interested in our meanderings, by all means, join in!

Ah, it’s nice to find the path again after having been stumbling around in the woods.  Thank you, honey.  You’re the best!

3 thoughts on “What to do. What to do.

  1. Thanks for popping across to my Retirement blog Bev, I’ve caught up on your blog and enjoyed the read 🙂 As you have discovered there is never enough time to do all you want to do. Let you into a secret even when you retire there is never enough time. Sometimes weeks go by without me updating my blogs. Yes blogs I have 4 of them , in between photography, going out with my partner, day trips, updating images Eating, sleeping etc.. but hey – I’m enjoying myself. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself along with The Man and life. Go for Italy – get there and enjoy the journey – I’m following your blog to see if you get there :). Oh you can find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/walter.hampson#!/.

    1. Walter, thank you so much! Last night I started reading your Retirement blog from its beginning. Again, you are doing exactly what we enjoy and hope to continue full time. We, too, are fans of history! I particularly love Scottish history (The Man, aka Steve, says I was Scottish in a previous life. If so, then I’m damn proud of it! My ancestors were Scottish, so I know I come from fine stock!) Thanks for sacrificing your time and covering all those places for me!

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