Amazing People Everywhere

When we first got the big idea of moving to Italy in our heads, the first thing I did was jump on the internet and start researching the reality of it.  Was this big adventure really possible?  Could we possibly afford it or do we have to be independently wealthy?  How many other people have already pulled off this insane stunt and did they live to tell about it?  Really, for some reason I thought there couldn’t possibly be that many crazy people on the planet.  And what did I discover?  SURPRISE!!  THERE ARE TONS OF CRAZY PEOPLE!  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE, JUST RUNNING LOOSE, COMPLETELY UNSUPERVISED!!  Best of all, they are all insanely helpful.  Everyone one of them that I have reached out to with questions has responded quickly with lots of useful information and always offered to leave the door open for me to come back for more.

I should not have been surprised.  My mom, Barbara, is an expat.  She lives in San Miguel de Allende.  The first time we went to visit her, we were struck by the sense of community among the expats in her town.  She and her friends had truely created a family for themselves.  When we travel, we go to see the sites and experience the people, the culture, the food, and all that makes that place unique.  But not on this trip.  Sure the location, food, etc. where neat and all.  But what really struck us were her friends, her “extended” family.  Ron and Fred, Molly, Jim, Marisella and Ken, and many more whose names I can’t recall were like her the best brothers and sisters EVER.  Not only are they warm, generous, and caring towards each other, but they contribute to their community as well.  These crazily wonderful people are involved in all sorts of charitable activities for less fortunate locals.  After getting to know this group of expats all upclose and personal like, no, I should not have been surprised at all by the people I’ve met in my online explorations.  Expats are a special group of people; the most generous, caring group who gladly want to increase their numbers.  They are always happy to recruit new members.  And we can’t wait to get our membership cards!

2098 days and counting….

5 thoughts on “Amazing People Everywhere

    1. Hey Beverly, when you get back to San Miguel de Allende next week, we’ll show you what we expats are REALLY like….just one party after another, day in and day out.

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