2043 Days and Counting


Photograph by Mark A Lacey via All Things Europe.

Obviously, I love these windy, narrow streets. Ugh. I find most of my Italy-porn – the gorgeous pictures that keep us inspired and focused on our dream – at All Things Europe. Whoever runs this blog is a genius! There are no words, just pictures of….well….all things Europe! Seriously, if you have a long term goal, you have to keep yourself motivated. And what better way than delicious pictures that make you want to run to your nearest airport.

5 thoughts on “2043 Days and Counting

  1. I love the blogging world. It connects you with like-minded people that share your need for “something” more. I have always been inspired by Italy … the food, architecture, language, history, and (ahem) wine πŸ™‚

    Being surrounded by people that are motivated and focused on fulfilling their dreams (even if virtually through the internet) provides that little nudge of energy and motivation that keeps you moving towards your own dreams.

    Thanks for taking us on your journey with you. I look forward to following your adventure and creating one of my own in the process. Life should be an adventure and I am happy to see others living that philosophy πŸ™‚

    1. agree…Agree…AGREE!! When I was reading your blog, I had the very same thought about blogging and the connection it provides us. Those very connections give me energy and keep me motivated!

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