pee for free

Perfect timing for our trip this fall. I had forgotten about how different these little things can be in Europe compared to the U.S. Always choose to see it has simply a difference, not something that is better or worse. Having an accepting outlook means we will never be disappointed.

Florence for Free

Alright, time to get real. David, sunsets over the Arno, your brand new leather boots, museum overdosing, and palazzo hopping – what good is any of it with a full bladder? Whether you’re in Florence for a day, a month, a year, or forever (jealous), we don’t think you should waste more than a minute tracking down a toilet. Moreover, true to our shallow pockets and firm stance on the basic human right to “do our business,” we don’t believe in this euro-phenomenon of paying to pee. So save those cents for gelato and coffee and follow us to the free bagni of Firenze.

Near Piazza della Signoria

While basking in the most beautiful Piazza in the world, of course guided by the FFF Piazza della Signoria parts 1 & 2, there is a chance that your cappuccino from the Gucci Cafe will catch up with you. Sure, you…

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