Seven Weeks Until Lift Off

Exactly seven weeks from today, we will be wheels up on our three-week adventure in Italy that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I am not experiencing the overwhelm that I was at the time of that post.  Between then and now, I’ve still done some reading and researching.  But instead of scouring every travel book in all three local Barnes & Noble, I’ve limited myself to travel stories written by other travelers who have been in the area we are going.

The Slow Travel website is a gold mine of information.  Slow Travel – Italy has been my drug of choice lately.  I just can’t get enough of the trip reports.  Yesterday while poking around on the Slow Travel forum, I found a spot where folks can post a link to their blog.  Lucky me!  I discovered a travel blog called Anita and Dana in Bella Italia.  Cute, cute blog about a cute, cute couple who go on a trip-of-a-life-time to Italy with a stop in the UK on the way home.  I’m about halfway through reading their story.  The best part for us is they travelled last year at the same time of year as we are going this year and they were in the very same places we are going.  Perfecto!  Based on what I’ve read so far, we seem to have the same interests.  I have been jotting down pearls of wisdom here and there, like the delicious little bit about having a paper map of Italy because the GPS and iPhone can be a bit iffy in the countryside.  Disaster averted.  If you have a bit of free time, go over to their blog and have a read.  The blog is no longer active; the last entry was in November.  But, it is still a good read as Dana is quite the wit and the photographer.  Reading their adventure just makes me more and more excited!  Did I mention we leave seven weeks from today?

cacio e pepe photo by Dana of
cacio e pepe photo by Dana of

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