Guido to the Rescue and Other Good News

After two days of scouring listings on several self-catering apartment websites and sending inquiries to a half a dozen or so different places, we finally have a new place to stay in Firenze.  Finding a suitable landing pad is easier said than done, especially given that we are 44 days from take off and September is one of the more popular times of year to visit.  One thing I noticed was several of the nice reasonably priced places I inquired about were not available but the owner/manager was happy to offer another spot nowhere close to where we wanted to be for twice the price.  I can’t help but think bait-and-switch.  How about they keep their availability calendar updated so we can both save time.

Guido's place
Guido’s place

Enough about that, though.  Let me tell you about Guido and his awesomeness.  I’m going to adopt him when I finally meet him.  I discovered Guido’s listing on HomeAway.  He owns an adorable building on  Via dell’Anguillara near Santa Croce.  The building appears to be about ten feet wide and is screaming typical Florence to me!  Each floor is its own one-bedroom/one-bathroom 45 m2 apartment. Please, let us all take a moment to gaze upon its adorableness now.  Eyes to the left everyone.  Our humble abode for two days is right there behind the middle set of shutters.  Of course, Signore Lombardi lives on the first floor (second floor for Americans) should we need anything.  Every place should come with its own Signore Lombardi!  In all seriousness though, Guido gets points in the fast response category and the payment category.  We paid half upfront via PayPal and the other half is due 15 days prior to arrival, again via PayPal.  The only thing Guido did not have on The Dos and Don’ts of Vacation Rentals checklist were referrals.  I’m willing to forgo that.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Once we’ve had our experience at Guido’s place, I’ll do up a review for him.

And if that were not enough good news in our world, we got an email back from the original apartment people.  At least, I think it was them.  I sent an email requesting a refund to the email address I had for them.  Forty-eight hours later I received a response from a different email address/different company name advising they would refund our money through PayPal.  While we are thankful for having received a response, the whole different email address/different company name thing makes me feel like we did the right thing by going elsewhere for our accommodations.  For a moment there it was quite the Firenze Frenzy, but all is looking quite rosy now.

6 thoughts on “Guido to the Rescue and Other Good News

  1. so glad to read about this happy ending in my inbox! i think things turned out as they should have for both of us. can’t wait to read details about your trip! ciao for now.

  2. I am definitely going to post photos. Just now arriving back in Florence. You can find me on Instagram at CarmenCaserta. Btw, let me know if the apartment you booked doesn’t work out. We might be looking to rent ours out. 😊

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