Day 4 – Montepulciano

This morning we met Jennifer at the gate and took a fieldtrip to Conad, the local big grocery store.  Very cool!  There was a small produce section were G-man picked out some grapes, tomatoes and garlic.  Like a true local, he donned the plastic disposable glove, made his selections, weighed and labeled each appropriately.  He must have done it exactly right because no one scolded him at the register.  After the produce section, there was an entire aisle of cookies and other necessary sweet things.  All prepackaged stuff, but something told me it was probably way healthier than the prepackaged stuff we get in the States.  I’m pretty sure of it.  On the next aisle, one whole side was various kinds of dried pasta.  Fifty feet of nothing but different kinds of pasta.  I promise to take a picture next time we are in there.  The other side of the aisle is half olive oil.  I don’t know what the other stuff was because I was mesmerized by the olive oil.  I love olive oil.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the stuff here just tastes BIGGER than what we get in the States.  Gosh, I hate saying that.  We get what we get.  It is what it is and it doesn’t make us bad people because of it.  But when you get to taste olive oil so close to the olive tree,  well you know the drill.  Angels. Trumpets.  Streamers and the Pied Piper.  Heck, throw in Mary and her little lamb.  This stuff is a green dream!  Yes, my Tampa friends and family, we will be bringing some back with us so that you too may experience the nectar of the gods.  Oh, it was cereal.  Cereal took up a small portion of the olive oil side of the aisle.  Yeah, whatever.  There was another aisle that was all various types of cleaning stuff that covered everything you could want to clean – body, house, clothes, everything.  We picked up a package of paper towels and some hand soap.  Let’s keep moving.  The last aisle – yeah, all three aisles – was a bunch of different kinds of bottled water.  We grabbed a couple of those.  I’m guessing there are no issues with drinking the tap water here.  I haven’t heard otherwise.  But for whatever reason, bottled water here is just as popular as it is at home.  There was also a wine section, of course, where if one were so inclined one could snag a bottle of the locally grown stuff for less than 4€.  And, yep, we found ourselves oh so inclined!  We also picked up some Italian-type bacon and some capocollo.   In the end, we bought stuff to fix several meals and felt very grounded, like we were not vacationers.

Beyond that little excursion, we spent the rest of the day inside.  It rained and rained and rained.  One neat aspect of this being a hill town is we get to look down on the clouds.  We have both tried unsuccessfully to capture the view, but we will not give up.  Eventually, we’ll have pictures to share with you.

I forgot to mention another little place we discovered yesterday.  It is kind of a coffee bar plus pastry place on steroids.  As I typically have trouble narrowing my choice down to one, I’ll just leave you with a picture of my plate when I was finished making my selections.  I’m pretty sure the guy behind the counter got tired of hearing me moan and roll my eyes back in my head with each and every bite.  Yes, yum.

yum, yum and more yum
yum, yum and more yum

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