Day 10 – Another Rainy Day in Montepulciano

Today, it poured all day.  Staying inside wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Days like this let us catch up on laundry, emails, photographs, and such.  In the early evening, the rain stopped long enough for us to walk down to the Conad to buy more breakfast and dinner supplies.  Somehow we bought more things with chocolate in or on them than real food.  Most importantly, we splurged on an umbrella.

After we put away our groceries, we decided to go out for dinner as the weather was still holding out in our favor.  We’ve only been out to eat twice since we got here, once for lunch the day we arrived and once for dinner several nights ago.  Other than that, we have fixed all our meals in the apartment.  We traipsed up the hill and stopped in what happened to be the same place we ate dinner at the first time, Trattoria di Cagnano.  The only other place we passed that was open was full.  After we were seated, we reviewed the menu.  Eating out in Italy works a bit differently than in the States.  When you are seated, you are given a menu for food and a menu for wine.  You are allowed plenty of time to study the information and usually the server does not return to take your order until they get some kind of signal that you are ready.  And then unlike in the States, the server doesn’t take your drink order, then return to take your food order after they deliver your drinks.  When the server comes to take your order, they take the entire order.  Oh, and, getting water isn’t automatic.  You have to order water and decide if you want mineral water or natural water.  We ordered a bottle of natural water, a bottle of the house red, and in order to keep our weight in check because we have a lot of chocolate we just bought at the grocery store, we shared our first and second courses.  For the first course, we had risotto with a mushroom cream sauce.  For the second course we shared a steak filet with mushrooms.  The risotto was fantastic!  The sauce was flavorful and so very creamy!  If we go back, we will order buckets of it and won’t be sharing with anyone.  Love you, babe.  Get your own bucket.  The steak filet….well, let’s just say we finished it.  Nothing to write home about.  Meh.  Again, unlike back home, one must ask for the check.  We really enjoy the whole dining experience in Italy.  (It was the same custom when we lived in Germany.)  The server isn’t rushing you from the table to flip it for the next tip.  You really can make an evening of your dining experience.  It’s just lovely.

Because dessert is more important to me that breathing, we stopped by our favorite little spot on the way home.  Café Poliziano has many, many sweet things in the dolce case and we’ve I’ve made a habit of choosing five or six different little sweets to have with our nightly espresso.  We’ve almost become regulars.  I think we have been there at least once every day since we got here so I think that makes us regulars.  Put it this way.  They’ve grown accustom to our faces and are kind enough to give us nightly Italian lessons.  Like tonight, they taught me how to say, “I need dessert.”  Not I want, but I need!  Huge difference, people, and I sure don’t want anything getting lost in the translation.

The space shower
The space shower


Given the rain, we don’t have pictures of the day’s events to share.  Because I don’t want you all to go without some kind of visual something, I’ll leave you with this.  Just so you know, every time I walk in the bathroom I start singing to myself….

Some people call me the space cowboy yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause’ I speak of the pompetous of love

Let that little ditty get stuck in your head for a day.  What is now a shower originally started out as a transporter in the original Star Trek series.  After the series ended, it became a soundproof booth on various game shows in the ’70s.  When you are in the thing you cannot hear anything at all.  No lie.  And just so you know how much I love you, I had to sit in the bidet to take this picture.  The damned bidet turned on and wet the back of my pants.  No lie.

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