Days 15 & 16 – Some More Montepulciano

DAY 15

Thursday was an easy going day in Montepulciano.  We took a food inventory, figured out what we needed to make two more breakfasts, two more lunches, and two more dinners.  We made our list and walked over to the Conad.  I managed to put only one extraneous chocolate thing in our basket!  We came back to the apartment, where we spent most of the day taking care of odds and ends in preparation to going to Rome on Saturday morning.  Finally by about 4:00 in the afternoon we were both getting stir crazy and needed to get out.  The G-man suggested going for a gelato.  Who would argue with genius??  I love this guy.  We went up the hill (everything is UP the hill) and both got a large cup.  G got all  pistachio, which he did not think was as good as La Musa in Orvieto, and I got part chocolate chip, part hazelnut, and part tiramisu.  I liked the tiramisu and the chocolate chip, but the hazelnut tasted exactly like a hazelnut, of course, and not like Nutella.  I kind of think everything should taste like Nutella.  After gelato, we decided it was so nice out we should go get our cameras because there might have been one or two stones or windows we had not yet photographed.  We spent a few hours snapping, then went up the hill to the west side of the wall to watch the sun set.  The clouds were magnificent!

Montepulciano Sunset
Montepulciano Sunset
Making the walk back home...down hill!
Making the walk back home…down hill!

DAY 16

Friday, we have been preparing to leave for Rome tomorrow.  We washed all our laundry.  Laundry is quite an event.  Each load in the washing machine takes two hours.  The inside of the washing machine is about the size of a Dutch oven, so we can’t wash a bunch at one time.  Until today we were hanging our clothes out to dry, but because of the rain and humidity it can take two days for the clothes to dry completely.  On one of our walks earlier in the week, we discovered a laundry mat with dryers!  So we took all our wet clothes to the laundry mat and splurged on the dryers at 4€ each.  It was money well spent as all the clothes were dry within 30 minutes.  After laundry time, we can home and the G-man prepared fresh pici and Bolognese for lunch.  I promise we could eat that stuff every day for a while before we ever got tired of it!  We ate lunch then packed all our stuff.  We are ready to dash off in the morning for Orvieto where we will turn in the rental car then catch a train to Rome!

This evening we are meeting Jennifer for dinner one more time at the La Bottega.  Ok, later.  G-man just made toast with Nutella.

Nutella on toast!
Nutella on toast!

3 thoughts on “Days 15 & 16 – Some More Montepulciano

  1. I had just finished eating a piece of toast whith Nutella on top when I read your blog.You must have triggered a longing.

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