The Victory Pose


Study: The Pose of a Champion is Innate

(from – It turns out that the stereotypical image of a victor — head tilted back, chest puffed out and arms in the air — may be an innate human response to success.

A new study found that blind athletes who have never seen such a display make similar gestures of pride as sighted athletes when they win, and also slump their shoulders and narrow their chests in shame when they lose.

I took this picture of G-man last Sunday while we were out on a bike ride.  Little did he know I was taking the picture hoping to be able to use it for this very post.  And joy of all joys, the results are in.  He passed the Spanish test!!

Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts, prayers, ritual dancing, chanting, spirit fingers (who know who you are!) you sent our way!

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