Escaping My Comfort Zone

Live in the moment!  Be where you are.  Sounds easy.  Seems logical.  As a matter of fact, you may very well be asking yourself how you can be somewhere other than where you are.  Well, I do it all the time.  The more I think about it, the more I think I actually spend a lot of time somewhere else.  See, I’m a “future thinker.”  I’m always thinking of and planning for tomorrow, next week, next month….four years from now when G-man retires.  Any thoughts of the here-and-now are usually focused on how to get through today so I can get to The Future.  The Future is going to be amazing when I get there!  We are going to have so much fun in The Future!

Mmmmm yeah.  Newsflash to self – If I want The Future to be amazing, then I have to make TODAY the amazing future I see in my head.  I have to be the writer, photographer, fit person I see in my future, T O D A Y.  Let me give you a little For Example.  I have had this image of Future Me in my head where I’m sitting at an old, but well loved, little desk with Queen Anne legs in front of a window in a far away place clicking away on my laptop telling a tale of a recent adventure.  I include delicious photos that pull the viewer in and put them smack in the middle of that far away place right along side me.  I see myself as a writer and photographer.  My own version of Ernest Hemingway.  But in reality, in my TODAY world, I am waiting.  Waiting for the adventure to come to me so that I can write my story.  I’m waiting to arrive in my future instead of making my future my today.  Is everyone following the circle I’m talking in?  Hhmm….seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a better example.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a vision of myself in amazingly fit condition.  Yeah, well, if I am doing THIS today:



I will not be this tomorrow!





So TODAY, I ran. TODAY I wrote. And TODAY I worked on a photo project.

Some may be wondering what all of this has to do with escaping my comfort zone.  My biggest comfort zone was the one I was keeping in my head.  TODAY, I realized this is no way to live.  If I want to live the big adventure I imagine, then I better start TODAY.

And you?  What about you?  Close your eyes.  Picture your ideal you.  No, you are not allowed to put any limitations on the ideal you.  All things are possible.  Picture your ideal you.  Now, right now, do something that ideal you would be doing.  Every single day be that ideal you and before you know it your ideal you IS you!

9 thoughts on “Escaping My Comfort Zone

  1. My ideal me is, me and you having cocktails, noshing on fabulous food and laughing like hyenas! Hey, a girl can dream!

    1. Hey there! So cool to know we are on the same mission. What a huge question. First, I say fantastic there are people struggling to get out of their comfort zone. Keep up the good fight, people! For me (us), we realized that our comfort zone was not leading to the personal growth and adventure that we wanted. Continuing on a path that was “normal” and approved was not going to give us the lives we wanted to be reflecting on when we are finally sitting in our rockers on the porch and eating soft foods. We did not want to look back on our lives and see how we spent it doing the same chores over and over followed by watching TV followed by more chores. We want off the treadmill. There is so much more to life! The people who are not struggling to get out have either already escaped, have no plan to escape, or just can’t see the bars on their cell.

  2. I quit my job to pursue writing because I was tired of waiting for tomorrow. I realized that I had to work to make the future I envisioned happened. Living in a soul sucking job would not allow my future to happen. Good post!

    1. This is me giving you a standing ovation!! Now I’m doing the wave! You are exactly what I’m talking about!! Excuse the overuse of exclamation marks, but moments like this really get me excited. These moments are the very ones that tell me I am headed in the right direction. Please keep me posted on your progress. Maybe we could form a support group…in a proper pub atmosphere, of course.

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