You Can’t Buy Just One Pepper

one pepper

Let me start by saying that I enjoy cultural differences.  Experiencing different cultures is part of the fun of travel.  And food.  I like food.  All kinds of food.  Particularly desserts.  Sweets.  Pastries.  But that’s a whole other story.  Focus people.  Cultural differences.  Have you ever pondered how a thing becomes the norm in one society and is completely whacky in another society?  Weird, huh?  But humans do weird stuff so the world is going to be a bit weird.  Good lord, people, I’m trying to tell you about the time I tried to buy one pepper.  Focus.  So, we were at the big grocery store doing our weekly shopping.  The store is called Jumbo.  It’s like a Walmart Supercenter.  They sell everything from televisions to wine to toys to fish with the heads still attached.  None of this is relevant to the story.  I want to buy one jalapeńo pepper.  I need only one pepper.  I select the  pepper I want from the pile of peppers and put the chosen pepper in the clear plastic bag that The Rules say I have to put my pepper in.  I take my chosen pepper to the weigh station and get in line to have my chosen pepper weighed.  When my turn comes, the Produce Weigher Man puts my pepper on the scale.  Under normal circumstances, he would press a button, a sticker identifying the item, its weight and price would be printed, the newly printed label would be slapped on the plastic bag, and my pepper would now be suitably acceptable to the Cashier Woman.  (The Produce Weigher Man is always a man and the Cashier Woman is always a woman.)  Unfortunately, on this occasion, a wrench was thrown in the cog.  The Produce Weigher Man put my plastic bag ensconced jalapeńo pepper on the scale.  My one pepper was not enough to register a weight on the scale.  He tossed the bag back at me.  He was obviously disgusted that I would try to buy only one pepper.  Who does that, right?  I had two options.  Either I go home pepper-less or I add more peppers to the bag so the scale could register something has been placed on it, so the scale could then spit out a label with a price, so the Produce Weigher Man could slap said sticky label on the plastic bag, so the Cashier Woman would then accept my pepper purchase.  I had to buy four peppers in addition to the one pepper I actually wanted.  And people complain about food waste in the western world.  Want to know why I wanted only one pepper?  I planned on harvesting the seeds and growing my own pepper plant so I could have one bloody pepper when I want one bloody pepper.    But now, thanks to Produce Weigher Man, I’m going to have a friggin’ pepper orchard and sell peppers individually.  Take that, Produce Weigher Man!

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