Money can buy happiness! Who knew?

Yeah, that's right.  I was shocked to hear such words myself.  Like you, I wish I had a dollar for every time I've been told money cannot buy happiness.  I understood the sentiment but still felt it wasn't entirely true.  I couldn't place my finger on why, but I knew some element of that phrase … Continue reading Money can buy happiness! Who knew?

Beginning Again

Let's knock the dust off this blog and get going again, shall we? We'll have a quick recap of life over the last 2+ years, then we move forward. Yes, we are still living in Buenos Aires.  We've been here since October of 2014.  Since moving here, I've returned to the States to build a … Continue reading Beginning Again

More Inspiration

One of our favorite websites we check in with in order to stay motivated and inspired is New Tuscan Experience. They put together custom vacations for folks visiting the area. They also have a wonderful blog full of all sorts of interesting bits of information. But my very favoritest part is their Facebook page. The … Continue reading More Inspiration

2043 Days and Counting

Photograph by Mark A Lacey via All Things Europe. Obviously, I love these windy, narrow streets. Ugh. I find most of my Italy-porn - the gorgeous pictures that keep us inspired and focused on our dream - at All Things Europe. Whoever runs this blog is a genius! There are no words, just pictures of....well....all … Continue reading 2043 Days and Counting