What I Have Learned from Running

I've learned a lot from running and while running.  I didn't start running until I was 42 years old.  I quit smoking, cold turkey, on August 6th, 2007 (and that's a whole other story all to itself) and started running. The first important lesson I learned was there is way more inside of me than … Continue reading What I Have Learned from Running

Lessons Learned – some pleasant, some not

Last night G-man and I were out walking when we decided to stop by our favorite produce place.  Why is it our fav?  Well, because it's close to our apartment, the produce is beautiful, and, most importantly, the people who work there are WONDERFUL! First off, for the unfamiliar, buying produce here is a different process … Continue reading Lessons Learned – some pleasant, some not

Random Observations on Our New Life in Buenos Aires

Here we are into our eighth week living in Buenos Aires.  Right up front I have to say we haven't put much effort into truly becoming invested in and exploring our new home town.  When we arrived in mid-October, we knew we were going back to the States 1st December to see our son wed … Continue reading Random Observations on Our New Life in Buenos Aires

Escaping My Comfort Zone

Live in the moment!  Be where you are.  Sounds easy.  Seems logical.  As a matter of fact, you may very well be asking yourself how you can be somewhere other than where you are.  Well, I do it all the time.  The more I think about it, the more I think I actually spend a … Continue reading Escaping My Comfort Zone

The Victory Pose

Study: The Pose of a Champion is Innate (from livescience.com) - It turns out that the stereotypical image of a victor — head tilted back, chest puffed out and arms in the air — may be an innate human response to success. A new study found that blind athletes who have never seen such a … Continue reading The Victory Pose

Hello World!!

What happened to me?  Where have I been?  Geez, I am asking myself the very same thing. I have not posted since our last day in Rome, October 22, 2013.  Nine months later, to the day, here I am.  And, uh, no.  I didn't have a baby.  But now that I think of it, I have … Continue reading Hello World!!

Day 18 – Rome on Foot

Wow.  After our little Twilight Stroll with Walks of Italy last night, we decided that we wanted to try to retrace our steps and take pictures of some of the things we saw on the walk.  We also decided that Rome is so full of things that interest us that we would make ourselves insane … Continue reading Day 18 – Rome on Foot