Lessons Learned – some pleasant, some not

Last night G-man and I were out walking when we decided to stop by our favorite produce place.  Why is it our fav?  Well, because it's close to our apartment, the produce is beautiful, and, most importantly, the people who work there are WONDERFUL! First off, for the unfamiliar, buying produce here is a different process … Continue reading Lessons Learned – some pleasant, some not

Random Observations on Our New Life in Buenos Aires

Here we are into our eighth week living in Buenos Aires.  Right up front I have to say we haven't put much effort into truly becoming invested in and exploring our new home town.  When we arrived in mid-October, we knew we were going back to the States 1st December to see our son wed … Continue reading Random Observations on Our New Life in Buenos Aires

Two Weeks Until Liftoff

This is going to be the world's shortest post ever.  We leave two weeks from today and I have been go-go-go and grandpuppy sitting and while I think of a million things I would love to write about to document my recent insanity, well there just aren't enough hours in the day.  That being said, … Continue reading Two Weeks Until Liftoff

Bryan and Valerie – Inspirational Expats

When we first got the crazy idea of living in Italy when G-man retires, I started searching around on the internet to see if I could find other crazy people who had already done this.   Right off the bat, I discovered a blog called 2 Italy.  2 Italy details the story of Bryan and Valerie, who lost … Continue reading Bryan and Valerie – Inspirational Expats

Understanding Italian Culture | Manners, Bella Figura, Siesta and Passeggiata

Understanding Italian Culture | Manners, Bella Figura, Siesta and Passeggiata. This is the kind of information we always keep an eye out for. These little bits of wisdom that may pave the way to a richer experience. Thanks, Once In A Lifetime Travel!

House Hunters International keeps the dream alive

Tuesday night an all new House Hunters International aired featuring Toni DeBella, who is the adventurous soul behind Orvieto or Bust.  She is also a contributing writer for the Italian Notebook.  Toni is one of those people on our list of inspirational people.  Like I have said before, we "collect" other expats and follow their blogs with crazy dedication. … Continue reading House Hunters International keeps the dream alive

Locals I love – Kate Hash

Must read post by one of my favorite Americans living in Italy, Georgette, about one of my other favorite Americans living in Italy, Kate! As a side note, Kate has a FANTASTIC how-to booklet for obtaining dual citizenship. I have been using her guide and it is worth its weight in gold! You can purchase your own copy for a nominal fee from her blog. The blogging world is an amazing place filled with amazing people.

Girl in Florence


This next ‘local I love’ happens to be a  fellow blogger/web consultant extraordinaire living with her husband and adorable baby girl {and my god-daughter!} in Florence. We met when she needed some help getting her dual citizenship to stay in Italy and needless to say a friendship was born. I have spent many a day with them having lunch/sipping wine/playing with baby. I have to admit they make living in Italy look easy when it really isn’t — all by just being awesome at LIFE. They just happen to be very self motivated, down to earth good people and may or may not have been on House Hunter’s International in the past ;-).

name: Kate Hash
nationality: American and Italian
profession: Web designer and developer
favorite drink: Cosmopolitan or prosecco (it’s a tough choice!)

How long have you lived in Florence and where are you from originally?


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