Day 18 – Rome on Foot

Wow.  After our little Twilight Stroll with Walks of Italy last night, we decided that we wanted to try to retrace our steps and take pictures of some of the things we saw on the walk.  We also decided that Rome is so full of things that interest us that we would make ourselves insane … Continue reading Day 18 – Rome on Foot

Day 17 – Off to Rome

We were up early this morning as we were turning in the key to the apartment at 0815.  It was pouring rain when we woke up which did not bode well for all the walking we were going to have to do within the next few hours.  I checked the weather radar and all of central Italy from … Continue reading Day 17 – Off to Rome

Days 15 & 16 – Some More Montepulciano

DAY 15 Thursday was an easy going day in Montepulciano.  We took a food inventory, figured out what we needed to make two more breakfasts, two more lunches, and two more dinners.  We made our list and walked over to the Conad.  I managed to put only one extraneous chocolate thing in our basket!  We came back … Continue reading Days 15 & 16 – Some More Montepulciano

Day 13 – More Montepulciano

We had a beautiful day in Montepulciano.  The weather cooperated for the most part.  Actually, the rain stayed away until about 17:00.  We had just been sitting at a table in the grand piazza talking to Jay from Texas, said our good-byes and the drops started.  The grand piazza is at the very top of … Continue reading Day 13 – More Montepulciano

Day 12 – Orvieto

This morning we hit the coffee bar around the corner for a quick espresso and pastry before heading off to Orvieto.  This was our third time there and our last unless every other coffee place shuts down unexpectedly.  The espresso isn't that great and bartender is young and snobbish.  If the guy can't make eye … Continue reading Day 12 – Orvieto

Day 11 – Our Town, Montepulciano

It was supposed to rain today but we woke up to a beautiful blue sky!!  Yay us!  We got dressed and ran up the hill to try out a new coffee bar that I read about, but sadly it was closed on Sunday.  A man standing around the corner heard me groan when I read … Continue reading Day 11 – Our Town, Montepulciano

Day 10 – Another Rainy Day in Montepulciano

Today, it poured all day.  Staying inside wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Days like this let us catch up on laundry, emails, photographs, and such.  In the early evening, the rain stopped long enough for us to walk down to the Conad to buy more breakfast and dinner supplies.  Somehow we bought more things with chocolate in … Continue reading Day 10 – Another Rainy Day in Montepulciano